Photo by Jim Auerbach

Welcome to RCDC

The Rainbow Community Development Center (RCDC), Inc. in Silver Spring Maryland, is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is building better lives for those in need. Our goals include promoting community development by providing low-income families and individuals with free and/or low cost food and skills to improve their overall nutritional health. Qualified low-income families receive assistance with paying rent and utilities (must be referred by Emergency Services which allows applications to be validated). Future goals include programs for youth, literacy, education, professional development, job training and job search.

 Photo by Jim Auerbac 


                           Grant Matching Challenge:

                   Help the CDC purchase a refrigerated truck to

                      better serve our community. All donations

                             will be matched up to $5,000 



Community Need

The hungry live all over the Washington region. There are 50,000 Montgomery County residents living in poverty, or 5.7 percent. In the District, one of every three children comes from an impoverished family. In Northern Virginia, almost 10 percent of the population is poor, including 16 percent of children under 18. For a family of four, the national poverty line is an income of under $17,650 a year. Here in Montgomery County the self-sufficiency standard for a family of three is $61,438 a year. With food prices soaring, obesity is on the incline. Healthy, nutritious foods (such as fresh produce) are more expensive and less likely to be purchased, contributing to many health-related issues.